Lead Containing Materials Association

The Lead Containing Materials Association, is a not-for-profit organisation conceived to raise awareness of the dangers of lead in paint and its potential impact on public health..

The Lead Containing Materials Association (LCMA) has been set up as a public forum to bring to all an understanding of the serious medical effects that lead and lead dust can have on everybody – with no exception or exclusion. 

LCMA is in discussion with government representatives, national training organisations, leading construction companies and environmental organisations and academics, to deliver a crossparty campaign to ensure that the issues surrounding the hazards of lead dust are dealt with by the full implementation of adequate and enforceable legislation.  

There is already advice and guidance on the LCMA website backed up by advice and guidance from the HSE. It is the intention of LCMA, its partners and supporters, to ensure that the myriad of issues and problems associated with this hazard are fully discussed and necessary funding put in place to ensure that as many people as possible will be free of the debilitating effect that lead dust has on countless numbers of people already affected in the UK and in all other countries by this worldwide issue. 

Looking to find out about lead health risks?

Lead is highly toxic and widespread in our environment. There is no safe level of lead!