Lead in your home

Is there old lead paint in your home? If there is what should you do?
Find out everything you need to know…

Lead in the workplace

Concerned about lead in the workplace? What does the law require?
Find out everything you need to know…

Make safe, stay safe

Stay informed about lead paint safety and it's impact on your health, business and the environment

Checking for Lead

Before starting any works that might disturb or affect any paintwork, you should investigate whether you may have a lead paint issue.

Lead Health Risks

Widespread use of lead can cause environmental contamination, human exposure and significant public health problems.


World Authorities in Lead

Around the world the response to the lead issue varies enormously.

General Lead Paint Resources

We have gathered a selection of useful articles and documents on different aspects of lead from experts around the world.

Safe Home Resources

Whether you are a homeowner or tenant we have gathered articles and documents on how best to keep your family safe.

Safe Workplace Resource

Information, instruction and training for employers and employees likely to be exposed to a significant lead hazards.

Lead Around the World

The health problems caused by lead containing materials are global. This section
of the site is to highlight how some other countries are addressing the challenge. 

Lead Containing Material Association

The LCMA, is a not-for-profit organisation conceived to raise awareness of the dangers of lead in paint
and its potential impact on public health in the UK.

The LCMA sees the need for much wider awareness of the risks to health which can be directly attributable to the disturbance of lead paint.

We aim to provide information and support to those concerned at home and in the workplace about these risks, and advice on how best to approach them.